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  • If it’s a pan effect. Select example 1thru 10 and apply effect. Select 6 thru 10 and reverse the effect. Reselect all fixtures again 1 thru 10. Hold fan button and press normal then rotate offset encoder. If it’s a tilt or dimmer effect…
  • Hi all, I’ve found when the nano encoders lock up you can move the on screen encoders with a mouse with no problem.. Must be something todo with the USB end.. etc hopefully this helps in trying to fault find. Cheers
  • I have tried changing WUFD priority to high but can still fault the problem after 10minutes of play. The issue doesn't follow playback only the programming section. I have found ramping encoders and running several effects + offsets really aggra…
  • Hi mate, I’m having the same issue with my mini wing 4 any leads on how to fix?
  • Hi all, What’s the best way to map an external dmx input to trigger a cuelist in hog? Can you also change the output map of the widget to be an input then just add a gender bender. Cheers
  • I have Same Problem. Have tried 3 different PC'S all with I7 windows 10 and desired specs as hog requires. Fresh install only works for a few minutes sometimes hours before the problem starts again. Using a nano hog4. Found running and effect th…