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  • Hey there - the method using show merge is still the way to do this.
  • This has been improved in the upcoming 3.17 release, now in beta. If you are not in the beta group and would like to try this out now, please send me your forums user name in an email to sarah dot clausen at
  • Hello - We have done work in Hog 4 to allow connection to Depence2 via CITP, however, the corresponding work on their side has not (to my knowledge) been completed. Connection via Art-Net or sACN may be possible, but that would be something to chec…
  • In the meantime, please have a look here (and bookmark this page if it's something you need often):
  • You are correct - it is hard (as in impossible) to get to older versions right now via the software search function. I will get with the Web team to get that sorted.
  • Hello - 1) to get an old show file up to date with all the new media files, make a new show file, patch a single pixelmap layer somewhere out of the way of your old show file's patch, then merge the old file into the new. 2) we will look at post…
  • To those who are feeling challenged with fixture creation on WH3 these days, I understand your problem. We did support WH3 fixture creation up until just last year, 8 years after the discontinuation of the product line, and had to stop supporting th…
  • At the time we developed the playback bar docking feature (3.10) it was determined that the development effort to keep this particular piece of equipment was too high given its age and the number of units in the field. While we know that those who u…
  • Hi all - there is no visualizer in Hog 4. ETC has recently debuted the Eos Augment3d feature which is designed to run in the Eos family consoles, but this is a pure Eos feature at the moment. The recent visualizer news for Hog 4 is that we are now s…