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  • Hi Bill, Copying my response from the Eos Forum post for completeness: The DP in DP8000 stands for DMX Processor. What it is essentially doing is taking the HogNet commands and processing that for output on either the DMX ports or outputting on Ar…
  • Hi Bill, The forum currently only allows editing your post up to one hour after you initially post it. The edit link should show you how much time you have remaining, but this doesn't update dynamically, you'll need to reload the page to see the cu…
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  • Within this week, yes.
  • As you are aware, the forums experienced issues with this type of behavior due to a hack. We believe that we caught all of this but if you have cached versions of the page loading, you might still see this issue. Please try clearing your cache on yo…
  • Are you talking about the title bar that names the directory or the tool bars for things like Guard and Kind permissions? If the latter, you can right click on the title bar and check/uncheck the selection to hide the tool bar buttons.
  • Hi jksorg, Unfortunately, during some web updates, this page was broken. Restoration of the page is in progress, but you can find the software on the Full Boar Product Page ( in the mea…