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  • I use LightConverse to pre viz every week. For me, it's easier than turning the whole rig on, with haze, etc. I set up a tv right in front of the RoadHog console and link the console to the visualizer running on my laptop with a cat 5. It's easy to …
  • I agree, rubbish. So I tried using "effect, @, color red palette, through, color white palette" to create a red to white step effect. It worked until I went to recall the effect in the programmer. Now instead of red to white, it plays back as gree…
  • Okay thanks. Was just making sure I didn't miss it. I would love if they added that in!
  • Also, a random spread button would be a nice touch. As of now you have to select your fixtures, press "select", press "shuffle", then set spread to 100%. Pretty sure that is the only real way at the moment. Just seems like a lot of steps for somethi…
  • If you are running the latest Hog 4 software version, you can open the Playback Options on a cuelist and change "Action at end of list" to "Add release cue at end of list". It's a drop down selection under the "Cuelist" tab in the "Properties" secti…