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  • It was not ArtNet! Similar issue though, with OSC on but not being used the console was getting caught up with timeouts. ArtNet output has been enabled, but does not appear to be causing an issue.
  • Hey, same problem here but it isn't PC, it's a road hog 4 running v3.12 b2351. It seems very consistent as to when the delay happens too. If I press play on a playback in one second intervals it lags up about every 3-4 seconds for a couple seconds a…
  • Got another solution here should you have a tablet running Windows 10. ETC has an app called OSCwidgets, which I have found to be pretty solid for building a little layout. Still limited to the allowed Hog4 OSC commands though, so running HogPC migh…
  • Hey, I'm chiming in a little late here but I'm having the same issue. Is that software release coming out some time soon or has it been cancelled on account of the release of the Hog 4 line? I'd like to get rid of the issue, as it'd be one less issu…