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  • Hey All, same issue here with Kapsersky causing a Show Join Failure. I've been working with Kaspersky Tech support twice already. I've been told that their engineers are now looking into it. Has anyone discovered a fix or bypass for this issue? Tha…
  • Hey Guys, For what it's worth, I also have this problem when re-naming a new show in Hog4PC on my Windows 10 laptop. But as far as I can remember, for me, it only get stuck when trying to type any number. (Not a letter.) For example: when renaming …
  • Thanks for your reply. Totally hear you, that makes sense. Thanks!
  • That makes sense. Thanks!
  • Hey ShrunkenNed, Thanks for your comment! Exactly, Mac with Windows XP in bootcamp... Uninstalled any previous connectivity drivers etc, reinstalled Hog 4 PC with connectivity driver.... no luck. :( Same error message for me. I did find the connec…
  • Hey Guys, I see this was last discussed in Nov 2013, but Im having the same problem... Have a Road Hog console, trying to connect to Light Converse (Version 56). Have Hog connectivity driver 2-6-0-963 installed on computer running Windows XP SP3. …
  • Success! Thanks for that tip. Problem was that 'MSC In' was not enabled under Midi Show Control tab. All good now. Thanks.
  • (Found the Log Viewer... :)
  • Hey Datadriver, Thanks for the note... Where do I find the Midi Log Viewer?? (Can't seem to find any info on how to get open it...)