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  • To many annoying things... for example i have a MS Lighting RGB(12Ch) and in the library you can see the same but in RGBA (13ch) easy task on the Fixture Builder right? but no, if you edit this fixture and delete the Amber Channel in theory is ok. S…
  • it is possible to obtain the software you use to create libraries?, I do not care for what OS is (windows/linux/ios) just i give up on the online request. 8-| Or maybe a full featured fixture builder in the next release
  • I see 3 things: I want to see more clearly in the actual library all the parameters like a list where a can see information of the channels and have filters to select a kind of fixture or attributes. Ex: if i want a specific PAR and my brand is not…
  • The folder have some dump files i deleted then and when i have the problem again i hit pig + open + backspace and work again and i see new files in the logs folder. I just installing the 3.3.0 and see what happend.
  • When i make a cue and save in the playback, i press clear and the clear dont work, stay in red. Just log off the show then launch again and start to work fine. I going to check step by step to see where is happening.
  • Mlorenz, actually no, no walkie talkie just my phone in my pocket, and 1 meter away the audio console. Michael, is random, somedays is not problem. Start one day and happend again like a month later and right now is failing more frequently. Is hap…
  • no monitor attached or any kind of devices like mouse or keyboard (i dont use it), just the console (dmx and ethernet disconnected).
  • The picture don work well: https://dropbox.com/s/vvjkbftstwjdemh/image2.jpg?dl=0 https://dropbox.com/s/kzzlfictcj1imm0/image1.jpg?dl=0 Now is 3.2.1 and still fail
  • Works great! thank you In the manual check the 29.4.1 and 29.4.2 I skip this steps thinking that was only for wysywig and loose some time until i see my mistake
  • I have a similar problem, when the LC open the driver 3.1 open fine but the new one 3.2 dont open i check the task bar and dont see it. I re-install the old 3.1 and works then install again the 3.2 and this dont open. The process change? Im foll…
  • Seems like no one is working in the solution im waiting since april.
  • Or its posible to connect LC by artnet with this license(the one it come with the console)? Im loss here :-/
  • I need a diferent LC license for that (NetIn kind) and i want to use the license that come with this console