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  • Well, as for security I'd like different levels within a console, I rarely network consoles together, so thats not really a major issue for me. It might be for others though. I'd like PIN locking for different levels. Particularly locking the Pro…
    in My 2 cents... Comment by Inaki July 2007
  • OK, so this is getting to be retarded. I've just "lost" a huge amount of information from 2 shows, even though the Cue # Open says the information is still there. I really cannot go on re-programming things during the shows all the time, its a bit…
  • Great, thanks!
  • Thanks Marty, I have to check the current libraries. All these software updates, and no library updates. I'm a slacker =(
  • Thanks Tom, I didn't want to take the plunge. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • It never finishes the garbage collect, it starts giving me these messages and I'm forced to restart the board because they just keep going and going. The show file was orginally done in an earlier version of software, but has since been modified wi…
  • Actually Channel 11, from 79% - 94% is wheel rotation. The gobos won't rotate, but the wheel will.
  • No, there are no error messages. I haven't done a Timecode show this week so I can't screw around much with it, but as soon as I can I'll let ya know.
  • You can move the wheel back once it hits the limit. If it jumps to an extreme Pan, you can move it back without knocking it out completely by just turning the wheel back. It sucks with Pan because it may go 500 or something degrees off....but its …
  • Yaaaaayyy I won!!
  • Cool, I was beggining to wonder what was happening. I did come to the same result of knocking out the value to solve the problem. Alsoough, if I back off the extreme value the wheel's at, it will work fine as well.
  • Yeah this happens to me too, I've had to resort to closing the Output and Levels windows from my external display. Even though the refresh rate sucks it works fine...but it kind of freaks me out.
  • I understand I can see the timecode once I enable it. But I used to be able to hit the "View Timecode" button without having it enabled. Since some of our shows use various locate points, it was handy for me to be ably to view it without enablingi…
    in No timecode? Comment by Inaki March 2007
  • This is a new one today...I see the flickering cells, but also I started running a show under timecode and got a number of error messages. unfortunately I had to clear them to run the show so I didn't get to write them down, something about "The op…
  • I will give this a try....thank you.
    in No timecode? Comment by Inaki March 2007
  • I second that, my Output screen is doing the same "chase" thing mentioned here.