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  • Why not record two macros, one to turn midi on and the other to turn midi off. Then record two blank cues into one cuelist. On each cue use a comment macro "GK1" and "GK2" (for macro 1 and 2) and then put this cuelist onto a command key. But if you…
  • Hi C, See my post above, it's a software issue in the light. The lib profile for the light is spot on. Cheers Mark
  • Hi Mitch, I've got to the bottom of this one. As the colour wheel doesn't exist the light uses macros to set the CYM. Nova light in their wisdom wrote the software that sets the intensity at full when using the the colour wheel. By selecting any of…
  • I have an answer now. It seems that losing the patch is normal.
  • Yes, I'm aware of that but I just thought it might be good if they were saved in the preferences file.
  • Hi Michael, Can you PM me your email address please? I'll then send you a copy of the show file. I also found the same happened this morning when I did an "all fixtures" and tried to do a Lamp Strike. When I choose only the correct light, it's fine.…
  • Just tried it on HogPC and it's ok there too, again, the only way I can get the light to drop to 0 is to press play on the HTP, which you don't have to do if the list is set to HTP. In the playback options click on the master tab and make sure "rel…
  • Hi Frank, It shouldn't be anything different. I'm sat in front of a Full Boar4 but I'll try it on the PC for you as well.
  • The only way I can make what you're experiencing work is by pressing play on the HTP fader. Have you got the "Use HTP" box checked in the playback options? If you have, you don't need to press play and you will see a yellow H in the cue list bar.…
  • It works fine on my desks. If the fader is at 0 and you press clear after recording the HTP the lights will go to O but raise in intensity with the fader.
  • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your efforts and I know it'll be right when it's ready for release.
    in Unlocking Comment by MarkN May 2014
  • Thanks Michael, any ideas when the next update is due? My other issue listed on this forum is quite major and would be good to have it sorted sooner than later please.
    in Unlocking Comment by MarkN May 2014
  • Of course, thank you!
    in Saving Kinds Comment by MarkN April 2014
  • Completely agree that the RH4 case isn't the best. It's too small to pull any distance as you keep kicking it as you pull it, it needs to be similar to the FB/RH 3 case with an extending handle. It's also too deep at twice the depth of the desk. I …