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  • Snap ^^ . Nearly every show for the past year this has happened to me. Looking forward to this being over with 3.1.0!
  • Yes, DP is showing build 1056.
  • i have v3.0.1 on a HH4X, and also 3.0.1/(1056) connectivity driver, the virtual DP can not find the server still.... console at windows 7 computer at im getting pings and packets from the console and vice vera... all was wor…
  • If you run your colours from scenes i personally run a macro for fade times. For example if i had 6 colours on scenes from scene 1-6 the macro key stroke would be as follows ( SCENE 1 THRU 6 TIME ) i then end the macro there and do a step time of 0.…
  • Exact same issue here running a Hog nano and a dell XPS machine! Pretty sure this is not a windows issue anymore HES!
  • This sounds similar to an issue im having with my nano and hog4pc! Im having a choose button stick in the software somewhere making it very difficult to programme a show. I can run the playbacks as you described, but pretty useless with everything e…
  • all solved, was a martin etherdmx8. So, these 8 port nodes actually have 2 nodes in side, node A for lines 1-4 and node B for lines 5-8. daft, but sorted now thankfully!