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  • Fully concur Doctor. I've actually tried doing that just playing around to see if you could do it with the master play button. The tap could be as simple as Pig+Master Play button for global. An amazing feature for live busking shows. I particularly…
  • Have you tried just merging the show data from the old show to the new show through Setup > Shows > Merge Show?
  • I have yet to figure out a workaround, does anyone know of one?
  • When I go to my router, it recognizes my computer with Hog 4 on it. The network is I have assigned the computer to .149, which the computer verifies when I go to IP Config to get the address. I found the DHCP option under both Fi…
  • I really appreciate the help. TCP/SLIP and TCP/HDR, other post said UDP was the one needed.
  • Here's what I got. Looks almost like the pic from above. What is wrong? How can I get the 2 items on the same network? Sounds like they need to have the same prefixes.
  • Here's a photo, I'm not sure what's wrong.
  • I think I found someone else with the same issue in another post. Apparently the IP addresses aren't matching up properly. The Hog gives a preface of 127.... while OSC is giving 192.....that was someone else's problem but I have no idea how to remed…
  • I'm having the same problem. 2 questions; 1) How are they not on the same network if they're on the same router? More importantly 2) How do you remedy this problem?
  • I am still truly at a loss, I must be missing something. I am on Nano Hog4 with iPad and touch OSC. On the iPad the Host matches what I'm being told by Hog next to the Port in the Input section, the Port #'s match on both and OSC In is enabled. The …
  • "Using an External Trackball External USB trackballs can be connected to the console via the console's USB ports. Most external USB trackballs are supported only as an external mouse with left and right click capabilities however a select set of t…
  • michael_graham;66736 said:You can use the mouse but it's like in H3 you click and hold on the GUI Trackball and then moving your mouse will affect P/T. So is that saying you would just be using the touch screen mouse exclusively with no external m…
  • What about assigning the rate wheel to the ring? That rate wheel is something I've been looking forward to for years and now with Nano, I don't think I get to use it. Or is there another way?