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  • M.Vranken
    Hi Chris,
    I found a bug in combination with the Batch-Masters.
    For Example:
    I connected some cuelists with movement effects with a batch master.
    I put the effect rate fader from the batch master on a specific level.
    Then I hold down the choose button and turned the encoder for the effect rate. After that the desktop proccess crashed.

    Another example:
    I activated the guard button in the cuelist directory.
    I hold down one of the cuelists that is connected with a batch master.
    I turned the encoder for the effect rate to give this cuelist a little bit more speed then the others. And again the desktop crashed.

    Do you have seen this behavior befor?
    The same when I am using playback rate instead of the effect rate.
    I am not shure what happen when I am using effect rate on the fader and turning then the playback rate encoder...

    Greetings from Germany

    Marcel Vranken from LMP
    June 2017