Dimmer Flag Issue with Studio Spot 575 Zoom

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Hello all,

I work at a venue which opened June 1st just outside of Austin. As part of our inventory, we have 4 new Studio Spot 575 Zooms. Everything seems to be working fine with three of them, but one developed an odd error during the last event they were used.

If I have the instrument on and at any intensity other than 0, after about five minutes (or less, depending), the field begins to rapidly strobe in intensity (it never goes completely out, so I'm pretty sure it's not the shutter). As you might imagine, this makes using the light to illuminate something pretty much impossible, so I need to get this fixed.

When I sat the instrument up and tilt the head back and forth, I hear a click as it passes center, both directions. The pulsating only seems to happen when the cover is in place, as I could not get it to reproduce with the cover off.

I believe the problem to be the dimmer flags, but wanted to get another opinion(s) prior to removing the entire head assembly (ugh...), or sending it across town to see if it can be repaired :)




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    If your fixtures are new, they should still be covered under warranty.

    Call HES support @ 1-800-890-8989 and have the serial ## of the unit handy so they can get you sorted out.

    I would imagine they can take care of you quite quickly if you are near Austin;)
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