Hog III Rackmount w/ DMX Widget

steeve_vajksteeve_vajk Registered User
I'm working on a themepark project that will require a Hog 3. However, I will only need 2 universes of DMX. Can I use the rackmount Hog 3, and just connect 2 DMX widgets, or do I also need a DP 2000?
Or should I save money and get a rackmount PC with Hog3 PC, and 2 widgets?


  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2006
    You will need a DP to connect to the Rack Unit (RCU) to process the DMX.

    For a permanent install such as a themepark attraction I would highly reccommend using the RCU rather than a PC. The primarily application for the RCU is themeparks and we have a large number of them running in Disney parks around the world that almost never get touched at all.
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