HOG2 linked to hog2PC

axsaxs Registered User
Anyone ever tried to link hogPC and hog2 via midi?

I have on a job a hog2 without rockwing and want to use my 2 playbackwings as extra faders...
Kind of linking 2 hog2's together via midi, a solution that I used before as backup.
Anyone done this before?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited June 2006
    Hello, this is not going to work exactly as a Hog 2 console with Expansion Wing.
    Hog PC will allow MIDI Notes IN but it will not send MIDI Notes OUT, so the button commands and fader movements on the Hog 2 PC and Mini Playback Wings will not be reflected on the Hog 2 console.
    The Hog 2 PC will receive MIDI Notes from the Hog 2 console, so any button presses and fader moves performed on the console can be reflected to the Hog 2 PC. This doesn't help as you cannot access the 2nd MiniWing's faders from the console.

    You can use MIDI Show Control and have the Hog 2 PC send the MSC commands to the console. This will allow you to use both MiniWings with the Hog 2 PC for your show. All of the cue information will be sent to the console and the console will respond and play the correct cue. This way the console will be in the same cue ready for a change over if there is a problem with the Hog 2 PC machine.

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