Multi touch Roadhog

Is there a reason that multi touch on the roadhog is not working for holding a scene in the scene directory and change settings, like priority, is not possible with the softkey on the bottom of the screen? This is one of the functions of multi touch you really need on the roadhog or Full boar since we do t have the hard keys around the screens.

The same for cuelists in the cuelist directory.


  • MornMorn Registered User
  • tomgeeknztomgeeknz Registered User
    +1 even just holding a virtual master and changing HTP etc
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    Qt5 treats the first touch event as mouse input, subsquent presses are not mouse events. Those built-in Qt widgets like the priority spinbox and other softkey "buttons" never see the 2nd touch event. For widgets we build ourself - the virtual front panel faders, directory buttons, plot view, scroll areas etc -multi-touch is enabled via custom software processing.
  • ejberendsenejberendsen Registered User, Hog Beta
    Does this mean that the request is not possible?
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