Roadhog Color Attribute

jet220jet220 Registered User
I worked on a Roadhog 3 for the first time in years using the client's existing show. I tried changing color on one of their spot fixtures and instead of changing to a color it seemed to trigger an effect, so I can't seem to create any color palettes or create colors in the programmer as a result. Is there a place in a menu somewhere to start the troubleshooting? I'm not sure what their fixture library version is, but I worry that if I swap the fixture library out that I'll lose all of their current cue information. Much thanks in advance.


  • Gabbi_GriffithGabbi_Griffith Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    I would check to see if the fixture is in the correct mode.
    What fixture is having the issue? is all of this fixture type having the issue?
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