Macros not behaving

Ok, I am running the latest Hog 4 PC with a new Windows 10 Machine with the latest Windows 10 updates.  What I am trying to accomplish, is to unpark and park several dimmer circuits (that are in a group) at either 0% or 100% to turn on or off power to our LEDS.  I set up 3 groups of circuits and 3 macros to control the 3 areas that I need to turn on or off.  (Sometimes there is no reason to turn them all on at once.) 
So, when I go to Macro>Macro and unclick the guard I can click on one of the macros to run and than another to turn off that group, with no issues.  My problem arises, when I run one macro to turn on Group 1, and then try to run a second macro to turn on group 2 or 3, the group that I previously turned, on will turn off.  So how do I run more than 1 macro without it having to turn off the macro before it?  Thanks!


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    What is the content of your 'turn on group 2' macro?
  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Also, does the group that gets turned off in error get parked at 0%, or unparked altogether?
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