Exclude from Live

A option to exlude fixtures being able to selected by using Live-> Enter.
When im programmimg with my houselights and hazer on i dont want them to be selecten when using the Live key. Deselecting them evertime is time consuming.


  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    + 1.

    In the meantime, I get around this by creating a Group with everything I'd want to have selected, and then Live / Group x

    As well as being able to set a List to be ignored by Live, I'd also like the ability for a List to ignore Rem Dim. An option to say Live / List x or Live Choose, to select everything that's on within the State of a List would also be very nice.
  • smartomsksmartomsk Registered User
    I want this too!
  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    Perhaps being able to set a group to Exclude from Live, similar to a Hilight palette
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