Ability to reapply saved "spread" to different fixture selections "Global Effect Spread"

I want to be able to have a effect of for example a sin wave of intensity that completes across 30 fixtures in 2 seconds. I need that cue to take 2 seconds every time. But let's say today I only have 20 fixtures and I want that same sin effect to complete in the same 2 seconds over the 20 fixtures. Now I would have to rebuild cue with a pretty good number of key presses. Perhaps it would be a "Global Effect Spread" or something like that.


  • LaserBobLaserBob Registered User
    Maybe the effects size... ? I'll have to play with that one.
  • hesserichesseric Registered User
    I agree this would be helpful!
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Its called reusable fanning and its a long term pending request
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