Use Console DMX Port/Widget as DMX INPUT. Map DMX values to control faders, trigger macros etc

Be able to use a dmx port on the console or on a widget to take DMX input. Be able to use conditions of the DMX input to trigger cue, macros etc. Also be able to map the incoming dmx to hog faders. Be able to forward parts or all of the DMX input to other DMX ports or artnet/sacn outputs. This would provide much needed felxibility in venues where old house consoles can be left in place and used/incorporated into the lighting workflow, where otherwise it would just be in the way and perhaps a problem. It also allows a quick way to have additional faders available for the venues that have huge numbers of conventionals and a big old console sitting nearby. I imagine there are a lot of creative uses I haven't even thought of yet aside from making a day at work a bit easier.


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