HPU dp8k-linux-golden

Just testing out and building a template show on my HPU. I have 3 universes of regular lights patched in, 2 universes of RGB leds, and 16 universes of RGBW leds patched. There are only 3 universes of data outputting through the 5 pin DMX ports, everything else is sACN/ArtNet. I noticed the dp8k-linux-golden CPU process was running at 106% with blips up to 109%. All other processes are running at between 1% to 9%. Should I be concerned if I load up all 64 universes on an HPU? Does it start to slow down data processing past this point?




  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Based on tests here when we ran 64 universes of RGB the HPU held up. You will still need to watch if you have plots open with lots of fixtures in it. The HPU might slow down if you go 1 > 10922 (max number of rgb fixtures in 64 universers) @ full. But if not using them all at once should be fine.
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