Issue with sACN universe 1


I recently switched over from using artnet to sACN and am having an issue with my first universe. I'm at home and all I have is a GRB led strip to play with but in universe one I only have the green channel but when I patch the same fixture type and address into universe 2 I have full GRB color control. I am running hog4pc through a router and into 3 different nodes. I have replicated the issue on all the nodes and on my superwidget which is usb. Also it was working fine in artnet,  I'm stumped...

Any light shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


  • FootsicleFootsicle Registered User
    I went back to artnet and it is doing it still. hmmmm...
  • FootsicleFootsicle Registered User
    one more note of information. when i go into the dmx window and test the channels there they work as expected.
  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Did you disable artnet once going to sACN? Is Changes Only checked for both ArtNet and sACN?
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