ArtNet/sACN input pass through to fixtures

I'm wanting to extend the bounds of my video content into my lighting rig.

My approach is to use Resolume Arena to map dummy DMX fixtures onto the video and send that out via ArtNet to the hog. The hog would then need to take the RGB values from these dummy fixtures and pass that along into the RGB values of my actual fixtures.

Two questions:
1. is there any way to route DMX input data to specific fixture channels (rgb)?

2. Is there a way to turn that feature off if I want to control color from the console?


  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Yes you can use artnet input and select those channels specifically. Here's a guide on artnet input

    You would need to change the values back to HogNet input. You can make this into a keystroke macro.
  • ElusidElusid Registered User
    Thank you!
  • ElusidElusid Registered User
    So, I've got it working. However, is a keystroke macro really the only way to accomplish switching back and forth between artnet and hognet input? There are 144 lights I've needed to isolate just the RGBW channels on. This really should be instant... A keystroke macro with that make fixtures will take a few seconds to execute.

    This is a perfect example of why the hog could benefit from having its own script engine...

  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    To toggle like this, a keystroke macro is the quickest way.

    You can adjust the keystroke macro step's wait times, you will want these be just a tad bit faster than the duration of that step.
  • ElusidElusid Registered User
    Is there any way to reference these without relying on screen position?
  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    There is not.
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