Selfmade Artnet Interface on HedgeHog 4

Hi there,
I have changed the understanding of this Artnet interface
The question now is how do I have to configure it on HedgeHog 4? Unfortunately it does not work, there is no output on the interface, but the signals are adjusted, but there is no output.
Since I unfortunately do not have the HedgeHog at home but I have reconfigured it PC as I set it in the HedgeHog. An output on the PC does not belong to me because I have not plugged in a hog dongle.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    On a pc you will always need a Nomad dongle to output Artnet.
    With your Hedgehog you need to configure the IP settings correct (same IP range and same Subnet) and also matching Artnet universes for the ports
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