MIDI and macros

ElusidElusid Registered User
There are three things I'm dealing with that I feel would be easy fixes.

1: There is only the ability to have one MIDI channel be set to comment macros. You can't use two Launchpads for instance because it puts you over 127 MIDI notes. Really annoying when trying to do extensive external inputs.

2: Sequential macro commands. Why do they all need times? And why when they're set to a 0 second delay do they mess up? I feel that should execute the commands, top down, as fast as the CPU can crunch the numbers. Which would be SEEMINGLY instant, but you could establish a hierarchy in your commands.

3: Allow comment macros in the "button macro" builder instead of the whole "key press" "1" etc. I want to be able to apply times to comment macros which I know I can technically be done with a cue stack... But the interface is already there. I want to be able to launch Macro 1 for instance, but have that be filled with "GL#".


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