Network issues

Hi everyone

We have a typical setup with a Hog4 (full, roadhog,full boar ) console running as client to an active server Rackhog in a stage
we also have Vlan managed switches (Luminex gigacore 12) streaming Hognet and Fixture net connecting everything , including artnet nodes (dmx king eDMX4) , typically 2 or 3 switches between console and rackhog through a star topology layout in each stage
We have been experiencing frequent network errors and sometimes fatal errors (requiring a console restart ) on the consoles

Some things we have tried ...
-firstly we disconnect from all other stages (as this goes through unknown local house LAN but usually works fine for patching remotely etc)
-disconnect backup hard drive from network
-we also disconnect our WAPS (for touch OSC)
-We connect directly to the rackhog luminex switch

disconnecting from the larger connected stage network SEEMS to help
Running directly to rackhog SEEMS to help

it's very hard to prove any of this helps as the errors are intermittant

A new error is when we remove Fixture net from console or add or remove from fixture net (e.g. add a node ) in any way we also cause a crash in Hognet

Has anyone experienced fixture net interruptions affecting hognet?



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hello, it is difficult to determine the exact problem but some things to look at, confirm the HogNet and FixtureNet are not getting connected somewhere, in a switch or something.

    Confirm there is only one DHCP Server on the Network. If the RackHog and a console are both set as DHCP Servers it can cause problems. Also if there is a router on the network it can also be a DHCP Server.

    What problems happens to the HogNet when making changes to FixtureNet?

    It is mentioned the console needs to be restarted. Before restarting the console look in the Processes window, to access the Processes window press PIG+OPEN+BACKSPACE together.
    The processes should all say Running. If something is Not Responding right click on it and select Kill, right click a second time and select Restart. This may get the console back up without a full restart and will sometimes not affect DMX output depending on what has crashed.

    Confirm there isn't more than one DP8000 with the same Net Number.

  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta

    did you check/change the IP settings like suggested on Facebook?
    When I remember you had been set both networks to
    What has been the subnet?
    I guess you might have created a bridge in the console due to wrong subnet settings.
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