Strange behavior using TC Widget with a DP8000

MarkvanderMeulenMarkvanderMeulen Registered User
Hello Everyone,
I'am currently touring the Dutch theatres with a timecoded show using the following setup:
Roadhog4 V3.12 getting timecode from a Macbook Pro running Qlab. Timecode is ouputed thru a Rosendahl Mif4 and running over a single xlr cable to a Hog4 timecode widget which is plugged into a Hog4 DP8K. The DP8k is connected to a Cisco SG300-20 gigabit switch and to that same switch is connected a Roadhog4 over a 75 meter Cat6 run.

IP Roadhog =

DP8K shows: Running Showserver: No errors

This diagram shows the exact system setup

Now the problem:
When starting the timecode on the Qlab Macbook the Mif4 starts to display timecode, however the Roadhog displays the timecode about 2 (two) seconds later. When stopping the timecode, the timecode on the Roadhog keeps running for about 6 till 8 seconds. (Regenerate frames is set to 0). Also the delay at start and stop of the timecode isn't always the same, on some occasions the timecode did run as if there where no problems, but that could change by the minute.

Troubleshooting so far:
Reinstalling software on both the Roadhog and DP8000; No change in behaviour
Replacing the SG300-20 switch for a unmanaged gigabit switch: No change in behaviour
Replacing the Roadhog; No change in behaviour
Replacing the DP8000; No change in behaviour
Using a different Cat6 line; No change in behaviour
Replacing the Timecode Widget; No change in behaviour
Replaced the Rosendahl Mif4; No change in behaviour
Using the Timecode widget directly at the Roadhog does work as expected, however we lost the advantage of picking up timecode at the stage

For now we run SMPTE over the spare Cat6 line on our FOH Multi, and use a second Mif4 as input to the Roadhog and run MTC into the console. We don't use any external DP8000 in the network but now use the internal DP of the Roadhog to output 8 universes of Artnet which runs smooth at this point.

So for now i can work happy again, however i would like to know if anyone has expirienced this in the past, and more important, how did you solve it!

If needed i can provide the showfile


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Have you tried replacing the 20m XLR between Rosendahl Mif4 and the TC widget see if anything changes?
    To test can you bring Macbook + DP8k + TC widget to FOH and remove the the 75m cat6 as a possible issue?

  • mvdmeulenmvdmeulen Registered User
    Hi Cormac,
    Thanks for your reply
    I have tried to replace the xlr cable with no change, the xlr cable is good since everything works as expected without the DP8K and timecode widget in the system

    I haven't tried your last suggestion because the DP8K and TC widget are now back at the rental company, I will give it a try when i'am at their warehouse and than report back here
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited February 2020
    As Using the Timecode widget directly at the Roadhog does work as expected, however we lost the advantage of picking up timecode at the stage

    If the external DP was used for all DMX/Artnet output along with the timecode widget, try disabling the onboard DP8000. If both DPs are activate, confirm they both have unique Net Numbers. Even if the external DP is only used for the Timeocde Widget, confirm it has a different Net Number than the onboard DP.

    Also try disabling the Artnet outputs on one of the DPs if they are not being used.
  • mvdmeulenmvdmeulen Registered User
    Hi Mitch
    We are using both DP8K, the DP8k on stage has net number 2 and is controlling the show rig we bring in, the internal DP8K runs houselights from FOH (net number 1)

    Artnet is only send from the external DP8K, Internal DP8K doesn't run Artnet at all
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