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I work at a hall that has both a HOG4 and and ETC ION XE and we want to switch between the two consoles depending on the show. Is it possible to control the DP 8000 from the ION?


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    Hi Bill,

    Copying my response from the Eos Forum post for completeness:

    The DP in DP8000 stands for DMX Processor. What it is essentially doing is taking the HogNet commands and processing that for output on either the DMX ports or outputting on Art-Net/sACN. Unlike a gateway, it doesn't listen for incoming sACN or Art-Net to translate to the DMX outputs on its own.

    However, if you have your Hog 4 console running and you connect your Ion XE to the same FixtureNet network as the DP8000, you can set the DP8000 to listen to an Art-Net universe and map that input to a HogNet universe. Then in your DMX Output window on the Hog 4 console, assign the addresses to Art-Net input.

    See https://www.highend.com/pub/support/controllers/documents/HTML/en/sect-dmx_artnet_input.htm for more instructions on how to do this.

    You would not be able to have concurrent control (Hog 4 and Ion XE) of the outputs, but you would be able to switch back and forth. The Hog console would still need to be on to act as the translator between the incoming Art-Net and the HogNet commands to the DP8000.

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    Thanks starksk. We'll try it that way.
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    If you are using sACN and Gateways or any sACN nodes you can use the fixturenet out of the DP8000 for sACN.
    Set one console to a higher priority, so whenever this console is active the other console will be blocked.
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