RGBWAUv LED color correction

Hi there. I am wondering if it is possible to colorcorrect RGBWAUv LED cells when using the Hue Saturation system. For instance, I'd like to replace creating purple with RB and instead fire the UV led of the cell for true purple. I'd also like to plug amber the amber in the same way. And for 0 saturation, I'd like the white to be added into the full fire of RGB. Is this possible?


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff

    This is currently not possible, I would advise using color pallettes with all of the emitters masked in.

    An updated colour system on the drawing board for the software.
  • robbiemartinrobbiemartin Registered User
    Hey thank you for replying and sorry I am just now seeing this. I appreciate your guidance.
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