Rack Hogs Locking Up


When trying to access the Show menu, the Rack Screen will lock up. I select Setup, then when I hit Show, the screen will lock/freeze, I can't hit any button on the screen through a connected touch screen or my using a mouse. It does this with varying windows open or not open on the screen. It does this across three different Rackhog setups. The only way to resolve it to reset the Rackhog.

Rack hogs are all running v3.12.0 (b 2351)
There is one touch screen connected to each Rackhog, They are on different Port Number.
Any ideas? Thanks


  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Does it happen when not connected to the HogNet network?
    Are they all running server?
  • Mutsi99Mutsi99 Registered User
    They are all running server. It won't do it after a restart. It only does it after a day of the output window being scrolled through up and down.
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