Skip over Cues

Using HOGG 4 PC on an HP Touchscreen.
I have searched online and skimmed the manual. I cannot find how to skip a cue in my cue list without going through them sequentially. Example. I'm on cue 5 and would like to jump to cue 7 and then back to cue 1. Thanks for you input!


  • ChrisWChrisW Registered User
    Nevermind - Hit GOTO then cue number then ENTER
  • sinclairsinclair Registered User, Hog Beta
    You can also Insert Link after cue 5 and set it to go to 7. And then insert another link after cue 7 to go to 1.
  • TheColonelTheColonel Registered User
    You can also Skip forward using the skip forward key (depending on which console your on and how it's set).
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