Artnet via FixtureNet or HogNet

Sparky3885SparkySparky3885Sparky Registered User
I was recently given a 4 universe Artnet device to try, a DMXKing eDMX4 PRO DIN to be exact.
It took me several hours to get it to work, at no fault to DMXKing’s hardware and software (I think), and one accidental plug into the “wrong” Ethernet port to figure out the Artnet of my Roadhog 4 is outputting VIA the HogNet port... I now have a network switch out from the HogNet port to supply the Artnet node and my Network (for remote control on OSCtouch)...

It was my understanding that the FixtureNet was for Artnet, and I still can figure out how to get it to broadcast Artnet. Am I out of my mind wrong about this, or am I doing something wrong??



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