Improvment of mediapickers filebrowser

MornMorn Registered User
It is quite annoying that the file browser of the mediapicker always jumps back to the root directory, instead of staying in the gobo, color, whatever folder, when adjusting the next item. :( It would be extremely time saving, if it stays in the last used folder, when adjusting several items of one kind.
Then it would be very helpful if there would be a better possibility to choose preview graphics. If you for example search a certain gobo and you don't know it's filename you arecscrolling yourself to death, while searching it. Maybe a bigger or resizable window and a kind of icon view, like it is in Microsoft Explorer, could be the solution? :-?


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff

    I would advise using views. Views can store what tab of the media picker is open.
  • MornMorn Registered User
    Hi Noah, thanks for your reply. But I don't meant the media picker itself. With file browser I meant the image selector, which you open when you press "set" and then click "change" on a slot item of the media picker.
  • lulululu Registered User
    I have another wish: The frame around the selected icon / thumbnail in the media picker should have a clear red colored frame so that it is easier to find again when working with media servers and pressing Touch to trace back, purple and blue as it is now requires some timeconsuming exploration.
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