Hog4 PC 3.12 stopped outputting DMX

brucehigbrucehig Registered User
I have been an avid user of Hog4 PC also Hog2 and Hog3 PC since 2003 and have always been a big fan. But 3.11 had control problems, when 3.12 came out the control problems went away and now there is Hog4 PC 3.12 stopped outputting DMX all on 3 different computers.. Thoughts? Thank you!


  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Have you unmapped applied the changes and then remapped the widget?
  • dammlightingdammlighting Registered User
    I have this same issue. My Super Widget will not TX-output deleted-remapped-applied. To no avail. Downgraded to 3.11 and TX happens immediately.
  • brucehigbrucehig Registered User
    are you now telling me I need to buy an ETC nomad dongle to make the console output DMX?
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Nomad Dongles had been added to alll existing options... Read the release notes or have a look at the graphic on the website
  • brucehigbrucehig Registered User
    so why is 3.12 not out putting DMX? That is not in your release notes?
  • davidfitwedavidfitwe Registered User, Hog Beta
    Sounds like the same issue many of us had with 3.12 on the DP8000, but that is fixed with a USB upload of the software, no idea how you update the software on widgets.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited June 2019

    We are investigating an issue with some specific Nano Hogs and Hoglets that lose their DMX output capability in the 3.12.0 update. We are currently investigating this information from other reports. If you would like more specific information, or if you would like to help us in potentially finding the root cause of the issue, please email me at noah.allen@highend.com

    In the meantime, I would advise downloading an earlier software version until a resolution is made for this problem.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    For anyone experiencing this issue, can you please plug your USB device into your computer and then launch Window's device manager and report back to the forum if you see the widget in the device manager is what it is listed as. For example "HES unloaded widget" or "Unknown Device" or something else.
  • fatmatt86fatmatt86 Registered User
    Here is what we got in device manager:
    High End Widgets
    -High End External SuperWidget
    -High End Hog4 Hoglet Wing

  • brucehigbrucehig Registered User
    Seems 3.13 did not fix this huge issue.
  • brucehigbrucehig Registered User
    edited November 2019
    As unfortunate as it sounds, if any of the other previous attempts do not work, doing a full install of Windows may be required.

    Doing a full install has resolved this issue for other users.

    Yes thank you, this did the trick.
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