Say what U want but , in the new image of Hog4-18 , on the left screen there is a Visualizer !!! Amazing thing also thinking at the nearest upgrade of IonConsoles and obviusly of the Hog4


  • B_WattsB_Watts Registered User, Hog Beta
    That isn't a visualizer. It's a screen shot of a visualizer used in a plot view.
  • sclausensclausen Registered User, HES Staff
    Hi all - there is no visualizer in Hog 4. ETC has recently debuted the Eos Augment3d feature which is designed to run in the Eos family consoles, but this is a pure Eos feature at the moment. The recent visualizer news for Hog 4 is that we are now shipping Capture licenses with new Hog family consoles instead of LightConverse. This is a standard license, to run Capture on your PC or Mac, not a console edition or limited in any way, at the Solo, Duet or Quartet level depending on the console you purchase. Those licenses can be upgraded by you later on to Symphony for big gigs, if you need it.
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