Controlling Motion Orbs via Hog4PC with Hoglet4

fatmatt86fatmatt86 Registered User
Just Curious here before making a new purchase. I noticed that the Chauvet Motion Orbs are listed in Hog4's Fixture window. Each set of Orbs takes 240 channels. If we had purchased, I don't know, lets say 20 of the Motion Orbs, a total of 4800 channels, would we need extra Universes to control them (currently have 4 universes x512ch) or is there a new update that allows for these to be controlled without eating through universes, I have noticed that some of the patch point have decimal points in them, could these be patched using the decimal points. Example the first orb (RGB I'm assuming) patch at universe 1:1.1 then the 2nd orb patch at 1:1.4 3rd orb patch @1:1.7 and so on, or is this not possible yet. Just curious as some lighting programs seem to have infinity amount of channels , as opposed to Hog4PC with Hoglet4 only having 4 universes capped out at 2048 total channels. Just curious before making a big purchase.


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    If you hade 20 of the 240ch versions of these fixtures, you would need 10 Universes. Essentially each fixture has 80 fixtures in them. that is what the decimal notation is for. I would look into seeing if the fixture itself has a lesser DMX count or mode.

    Specifically what fixture are you looking at? can you link a DMX chart and manual?
  • B_WattsB_Watts Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hog 4 PC is not capped at 4 universes. you are able to expand to up to 8 universes via local widgets. 4 from your hoglet and then 4 from an external widget.

    If you need more than 8 universe than you have to expand with a DP8000 this will unlock 16 universes + the 4 in your hoglet. Dp8000 will give you 8 hard dmx outs and then 8 over sACN/ ArtNet. Or any combination of 16 of sACN/ ArtNet.
  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    It depends on what you are trying to do with them. Do you just want to have eye candy effects and some static looks? Or are you trying to pixel map them with video content. Pixelmapping or having granular control of each individual orb/pixel will require 3 channels per orb. You are talking about 20 units, each with 5 string ports and 16 orbs per string port. 1600 lights. each with RGB control so yes, 4800 channels.

    But if you don't need that level of control, you can run them in 9 ch mode and fix 56 units on a universe. (280 strings/ 4480 orbs). Set the mode on the unit and patch the 9 ch fixture in Hog.

    I have a set of motion orbs that I use on Hog. You can change the mode to lower channel amounts depending on the features you want. It also changes based on the lengths of the strings. Mine arrived with 2 sections per string port (11 orbs) x 5 ports for a total of 55 orb lights. 3 RGB channels per motion orb unit is 165 channels.
    -240 is if you had 3 sections per port (16 orbs per string)

    -There are modes for 9ch/165/240/315 channels. There are profiles for all of these modes in Hog 4 v3.10

    -9 channel mode uses macro channels to do a bunch of effects, saving a ton a channels but limiting you to 30 pattern, which you can adjust timing and color on.

    -I suggest reading the manual
    There are multiple of Master/Slave modes that will let you buddy units and spread effects across multiple units and then copy them to groups of other units as a slave saving channels.

    -Also, they were discontinued last year so if you want that quantity, it may be useful to look for other products with a similar look.
  • fatmatt86fatmatt86 Registered User
    very informative. Thanks
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