Hog 4 Remote for Ipad

spmckinnspmckinn Registered User
Hello there,

HES should put out a reliable remote console control app. I know that touchOSC is an option for remote console control for Hog 4, but I have been having a lot of issues with it and it seems to be a pretty unreliable solution. HES even states in their manual that touchOSC isn't the most reliable.

I am a programmer for film and tv shows and very often I am not only in charge of programming, but I am also in charge of setting up and troubleshooting dimmers, DMX, and WDMMX devices. Being able to move around set and make adjustments while I am away from the desk is a very handy tool. A lot of times on set, intensity levels or color levels will change on the fly, and if I am away from my console making the change takes 5 minutes or more, if I had a remote way to control my desk it would be greatly reduced. 5 minutes might not seem like much, but we work 12+ hrs a day so if it happens multiple times a day it could add up to a whole hour wasted even. I would also like to be able to be on set and see how the changes to the lighting are working or if the lights aren't responding, and still be able to control my console to a point. The only features I would want are basic programming and playback controls.


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    For me, the new Numeo ipad app, although still OSC, works far better than the HES templates and TouchOSC.
  • BlackoutBlackout Registered User
    Big fan of the Numeo app - If the remote ran on a second programmer then that would be helpful for dimmer testing etc!
  • spmckinnspmckinn Registered User
    edited January 2019
    Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to check out Numeo.

    I would still like an app from Highend, Something else that I didn't think about with OSC is that there is no way to view or use certain windows like palettes and the programmer; also being able to build a plot for a set would make fixture selection on a stage via remote a lot easier. More and more movies and TV shows are shooting on multiple stages, being able to change locations without having to move the lighting desk would be very helpful and save a lot of time.
  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    In that case I think you might need a tablet PC running Hog PC networked to your desk - the whole system and all Hog function is available that way
  • spmckinnspmckinn Registered User
    Sorry, I should have been more specific in my OP, I am running Hog 4PC on a laptop connected to a Hoglet ATM.

    Wouldn’t I need a DP8000 for that to work? Or do the USB widgets work over a network? I am still learning how all of that stuff works.

    I know that a HOG widget, DP8000, or Hoglet has to be hooked up to your PC for it to allow DMX information to be transmitted; or am I mistaken? I was under the impression that they needed to be directly connected to the PC its self.
  • kurtkurt Registered User
    Got another solution here should you have a tablet running Windows 10. ETC has an app called OSCwidgets, which I have found to be pretty solid for building a little layout. Still limited to the allowed Hog4 OSC commands though, so running HogPC might still be a simpler option in this case, however. Lots of cheap tablets out there if you can't afford an iPad
  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    @spmckinn You do not need a DP 8000 to connect another PC to Hog 4 PC. For what you want, running a Windows 10 tablet with your main computer would be the best thing.
  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    I also work in film, and a tablet running the console only (no server, no virtual DP8k) is the best and most functional remote I've used.
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