iPC with a stabdard Windows Installation

Hello everybody.

The graphicscard in my iPC sometimes stops working. So I decided to get a new mainboard with 2 monitor outputs. The XPe image from HES won‘t work with this other mainboard. So I tried to install a standard Windows 7 and HOG3PC on top of it.
In the device manager of Windows the frontpanel, the SuperWidget and the MidiWidget show um and have all drivers installed.
And here begins my problem: The frontpanel and the SuperWidget are not available in HOG3PC. Only the MidiWidget is found.

Anyone knows how I Van get this setup to operate together?



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    Roman, I am going to follow this thread....good luck. I am fairly new to this but I know widgets and usb panels have a code that the software uses to ensure that the usb devices are "blessed" devices. This could be part of your front panel and other widget woes. I am definitely interested if any HES folks will chime in on this.

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    The iPC Front Panel and other boards will not work with a regular Hog 3 PC setup. The Front Panel for example is programmed to act and be seen as an iPC Front Panel, it will not act or be seen as a Wing which is what would be needed.
    There were a limited number of motherboards compatible with the iPC due to drivers etc. which are included in the software. The motherboards have all been discontinued.
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    Thank you for your replay @Mitch.
    But your answer can't be true, because the IPC runs HOG3PC itself. It is installed by the same .msi archive as I can download on highend.com. So the HOG3PC software MUST be capable to use the IPC frontpanel.
    I see 3 possibilities how this works:
    1. On the console the software is launched with parameters (e.g. Launcher.exe /useIPCfrontpanel)
    2. The software recognizes, that it runs on an embedded system and uses the frontpanel automaticly
    3. The frontpanel driver on the XPe image is different to the one, which is included in the HOG3PC archive

    So I'm sure, the software and the frontpanel work together. My only question is: How?

  • LightingBoyLightingBoy Registered User
    Hi. Everybody!
    Soon my iPc will arrive and I'll start to solve the above problem.
    I made a 80 program midi wing that I can only mount under HogPc under full Windows.
    My solution concept is to find out exactly what drivers are installed in the Xpe that handle the front panel and the other devices.
    If they do, I copy it to the full Windows and go to the front panel and all the devices.
    Another "task" is to feed iPc devices with Hog4Pc. :)
  • Role82Role82 Registered User
    Hi @LightingBoy,
    sounds nice. In my opinion, it looks like, the Hog3PC software is launched with parameters to get the frontpanel working, because it wouln't make sense to change the (working) drivers to different once (the vendor and product IDs would sty the same). And afaik, the RoadHog (Full Boar) also runs on XPe like the iPC. So the software wouldn't know, which frontpanel it should activate, when it just looks for embedded systems.
    But let me know anything, you figure out.

  • LightingBoyLightingBoy Registered User
    The iPc has arrived. Getting Started :) Adventures up! I'll call you soon. :)
  • LightingBoyLightingBoy Registered User
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    Current conditions:
    The front panel for full windows is a failure. (The wing tester sees the iPc front panel, H3pc is not).
    I will not give up trying again! There is hope!
    In the meantime, I unlocked the iPc Xpe system so I could install any necessary accessories. (Midi Controller driver, Midiyoke, Midios, and 3 Samsung 17 "monitor the touch driver.
    That's right now. If I have a development. :)
    Have a nice day everyone.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
  • kkrusekkruse Registered User
    @LightingBoy How did you unlock the Windows XPe? the image from HE seems to have a local Group Policy set to stop you using Task manager/File explorer etc.. I managed to hook up all the USB headers to a HP desktop with a Core i5 2500k 8GB Ram and the generic XPe OS from HE website installed flawless with only setting the BIOS to IDE mode and not AHCI... it even states it has a i5 in the settings menu within iPC console! it states 2048mb Ram so looks like its limited.. The trouble I am having is I need to get to windows to install the Intel network adaptor and the display adaptor so the resolution is correct and so I can use the network. I have tried generic Windows XP Pro and it seems to install a generic HOG3 PC version with two screens on one screen and a virtual wing.. it see's the Time code widget and I was even able to install the drivers in XP (Front Panel, LTC, etc..) all in Device manager.... but it refuses to use the real Front panel.. did you ever get it working?
  • LightingBoyLightingBoy Registered User
    @kkruse: I'm sorry I just read your message. Please contact me at salpilaci@gmail.com and I will tell you how I did it.
  • kkrusekkruse Registered User
    @LightingBoy Sent you a email :smile:
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