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MiguelDMiguelD Registered User
I was hoping I could get some help in fixing a problem with sliders that run intensity not working. Running Hog4Pc and a Hoglet4 board

I am having problems activating the sliders on the board. I’ve tried to press play to release cues for intensity on the slides but they are not working.

I’ve tried rebooting the pc and disconnecting hog, recited cabling and even tried restoring a previous backup show file with no success.

I am able to control lighting cues on hog4pc touch screen in cue list and in palette mode can select the fixture and manually increase/decrease intensity with the jog wheel but no sliders that control intensity per fixture group is working.

I was advised that the sliders aren't connected to the playlist as play pause buttons aren't lighting up on the board.
How am I able to reconnect sliders to the playlist?


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff

    Did you map the wing?
    Setup - Control Panel - Wings

    If you have mapped the wing and you are still having issues please give our support team a call.
  • MiguelDMiguelD Registered User
    Perfect that solved it. Thank yku
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