Multi-site master Hog control

I know this is going to get complicated... We are using Hog 4 at a church and we have many volunteers running lighting for our services with varying levels of training. We have one main campus and 2 additional campuses with the possibility to add more very soon. At the main campus I have WYSIWYG set up in a suite for programming at all campuses in both the main rooms and the additional seating rooms (up to 3 additional rooms per campus)

My main question is... Is there a way (and if so, how) to be able to run the WYG suite console as the master for all of the other consoles running different shows with the capabilities to use the chat feature (for questions) with different users (one at each campus) and be able to edit the shows seamlessly or control the console from the main campus should there be a shortage of personnel to run the show?

I hope I'm wording the question correctly. Some things that may be helpful to know....
- Each campus is connected via network to the main campus
- Each campus main room, as well as backup rooms, have it's own dedicated console/ HogPC
- The idea of the WYSIWYG suite is to be able to program other campuses without having to be there, with the added capabilities of being able to troubleshoot issues live should they arise.

Our current plan is to use HogPC with TeamViewer at the remote campuses and just log on and override local controls if necessary. I am looking for a way to connect directly to the console for programming/ changes/ chat feature/ updates.

I know it's complicated but I figured I would see if its even possible...



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Connect all consoles to the same network.
    Just let every campus run on a different port.
    Standard port is 6600. So you need to change each campus to be different Port numbers.

    Now when you apply that port number to your WYG and WYG console you can log into that show, edit and program.

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