Using preset values within effects engine

Is there any way to change between two preset values within the effects engine? For example, if I have all my mac101s red and I want to strobe blue. I'm thinking of something like an absolute effect on MA2.



  • FinoFino Registered User
    you can make this effect at "value" thru "Value" but unforunately the effects have no connection their origin preset, means if you change the preset, you might not change the effect.
  • BillpeachmentBillpeachment Registered User
    Which is a bit rubbish, FX need to ref the pallets. Also FX between slotted pallets needed urgently !!
  • AEileringAEilering Registered User
    I agree, rubbish.

    So I tried using "effect, @, color red palette, through, color white palette" to create a red to white step effect. It worked until I went to recall the effect in the programmer. Now instead of red to white, it plays back as green to white. Very frustrating. If I record to a cue it works fine.
    Also, I tried changing the effects length to create more of a red to white strobe. As soon as I bring the length under 100% the color steps to blue. I can increase the effects length just fine.

    Can anyone explain these issues?
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    You forgot to mask in color when storing your effect. So you only stored the effect table and not the base value.
    so before storing the effect in an effect palette mask also color.

    and the effect length as nothing to do with how "stroby" it is.
    It defines which parts of the effect is played back in one cycle. So 50% plays the effect in half the cycle time and then pauses the effect, 200% plays just the first half of the effect-curve and the restarts. And as you have with cmy 3 curves to sync you get those results.
    You might wanna try with HS, as then you only have to work with one parameter.
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