Cuelist BPM-rate / Cuelist release (toggle) / effect rate on fader

I have a Roadhog 3 full boar and have some questions about cuelists and there options for playback.

Cuelist BPM change :
I've recorded multiple cuelists as chases and some as a single cue with effect under it.
I know when a chase (cuelist) is assigned to a fader, you can change BPM of chaser with choose and tapping play button to create the same bpm as the music.
But with a running cuelist on the screens (in lists) it seems to be only possible when holding the specific cuelist and turning the left encoder wheel. Holding the cuelist and pressing the big play button does not work to keep the tapping speed.
Is there a possibility so I can tap at a specific button (with or without holding the cuelist button) to change the bpm in the chase?

Cuelist release (toggle) :

When I hit a cuelist button on the screen I have to press it and hold it together with the release button to release. Is there a way that when I hit the cuelistbutton again it will release that cuelist (like toggling : 1st press = start and 2nd press = release)?

Effect rate :

Is it possible to add the effect rate on a fader? I have multiple effects recorded in a cuelist like colour effects, intensity effects, ... but the rate needs to be adjusted to the music's bpm. Now I have to hold the cuelist wit the running effect and turn the effect rate wheel to adjust. But it is so difficult to do it very fast for every running effect. A fader with this rate or a tapbutton would be awesome.
Any idea how to achieve this, or maybe something like this tot make it easier?



  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Cuelist BPM change :
    No, it has to be on a master.
    On Hog4 you can have more than 10 masters, and virtual wings and this would be the alternative.

    Cuelist release (toggle) :
    YES! for Hog3 this will only work for cuelist, go into you cuelist options, and under action at end of list, add a release end cue.
    Hog4 has this option for lists and scenes.

    Effect rate:
    Unfortunately, this is a Hog4 feature. Not possible on Hog3

    I am by no means an expert on hog3, so I could be wrong, but I know Hog4 really well, which there is a solution for all of the above. and those features are not on hog3.

  • MichaelVNMichaelVN Registered User
    Ok thanks,
    some extra thoughts ...

    Cuelist bpm change:
    should it be possible when a cuelist on the screen is selected, the cuelist opens automatically on for instance fader 10? So I can tap the bpm over there and when I select a new cuelist it will also open under that fader?
    Sort of like working with pages, with a template page and on every page a new feature on a specific fader. But this will take a lot of programming so looking if there is a possibility to automatically load a cuelist to a fader when selected.

    Cuelist release :
    Yes that is a great help. But only possible for cuelists with only 1 cue. If it is a chase it will not work. Any solution for that?
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Cuelist bpm change: My short answer to this would be when Hog4 introduced batches. Unfortunately, this feature is not on Hog3.

    Cuelist release: Have your list directory open hold down [Release] and touch the chase or list you want to release.
  • Role82Role82 Registered User
    Cuelist bpm change:
    Moving a cuelist automaticly to a fader is not possible in global as far as I know. But you can program a macro for each cuelist which you need to move to the fader. The keystroke macro should be look like this:
    1. List
    2. 1
    3. 2
    4. 5
    5. Move
    6. Choosebutton

    where the steps 2-4 represends your cuelist number.
    The you can assign a comment macro in the first cue of the cuelist where this macro is executed (like "GK125").
    Other possibility (not sure if this works, because I don't use chases):
    "Setup"->"Control Panel"->"Wings": Activate some additional playback bars. Assign your cuelist there and use the play button of the main playback.

    Cuelist release:
    You can record an empty cuelist next to the cuelist for the release (below/right or something like this). There you can assign a comment macro like "RL125". Then you can start 125 and release it on 126.

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