Macros Not Always Running

This issue has been in the last few builds but still exists.

I only really use macros for one thing, so it may be an issue globally with macros or with how I use them.

These macros I have had issues with run something like:
Group 1, color 1(time only for color) time merge scene 1-100.

They do work a lot of the times, then stop working but opening a scene shows that the scene has been updated with ‘color1’ but isn’t working correctly.

After clicking through a few more macros that are the same but different it will start to work again.

Quite frustrating when running a show and a 0>2 delay Over color is perfect but it ends up just being a 2s fade.

Happy to send my most recent show file where I had issue Saturday.



  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited August 2021
    Hello, Van,

    Go ahead and send me your showfile And I will look at it.

    Please list:

    Software version show was created on
    Software version show is running on
    Console show is running on
    Which macros you are having issues with.
    Any other pertinent information you feel is relevant to this issue.

  • VanBridgesVanBridges Registered User, Hog Beta
    Noah, this did work I believe.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Van, I have not received an email, were you able to resolve this?
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