Hog4pc to Hedgehog issues

I'm having issues opening any file created or edited with hog4pc 3.9.0 on a hedgehog also at 3.9.0. The file manager on the console reads the file as an unrecognized version and will not enable the option to open. I am able to go there other way and open backups from the console on hog4pc. What am I missing?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    Hello, if you are saving directly to, or trying to open directly from the USB drive, try the following. On the PC make a new backup copy of the show, but leave it on the PC. Do not save the backup directly to USB. Then move the file to USB in the file browser.

    On the console, drag the show file into the Shows folder in the File Browser and open it from there.

  • Mountie1808Mountie1808 Registered User
    I'll try that. Thanks!
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