Hog 4 Fan Noise in 3.9(1704)

Since installing the release of 3.9(1704) on BOTH of my Hog 4 desks, there is a fan that continues to kick on and off throughout the day. It sounds very much like the fan that kicks on during shutdown. It is a bit on the loud side. Diagnostics show everything running fine. No overheating of any kind. Was something changed with fan control for 3.9?


  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    A little update on this. I downgraded one of the consoles to 3.8 and had no fan noise. I emailed Mitch about this too.
  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Here is what the event log says when we try to connect:

    Mount table reconstruction failed, errno=22
  • LekoliteLekolite Registered User
    Seeing the same thing. Its like the fan controller isn't throttling like it used to and is just toggling on and off. Or its hitting its max cooling temp too soon.
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Hey guys,
    I spoke with our development and test team, this has been resolved in our development builds of 3.10.0.
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