Bug - Adjust FX Speed

BlackoutBlackout Registered User
If you go to adjust the FX speed inside a cue on fixtures that have a spread FX the output goes nuts.

So Select fixtures > touch > adjust speed.... The entire FX output flashes/pulses as you adjust the FX speed.

Making it impossible to adjust live! This needs fixing ASAP.

I knew it happened when adjusting spread, but this is terrible


  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hi guys, the issue above is the same behaviour that crept into v3.6.0 and then very quickly got fixed for v3.6.1.

    I had a quick look back at the release notes

    D-03256: Editor effect rate change is choppy

    ... if that helps at all.


  • BlackoutBlackout Registered User
    Thanks Colin.
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