Stage Wash programming and desk channels

Hello, I am pretty new to Hog4 PC (still running tutorials). Please forgive my obvious and/or stupid questions. I have (12) 575 Conventional Lekos running off two dimmers. I need (10) for Stage Wash, and (2) for Specials. Is there a way to link the (10) lekos to Master 1 and the (2) Lekos to Master 2 without recording scenes or cues? I am looking to just use the respective faders to adjust intensity and bring them up and down as needed.

Also, what is a desk channel? And how do I patch to it? I am finding a lot of references to DCs but no definitions or how-tos. Thank you!


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    You will need to record a cuelist or scene and put it on the fader that you want, to achieve what you're after.

    A desk channel is Hog terminology for a conventional generic dimmer. When you say you have 12 lights on 2 dimmers, I assume you mean 2 6-way dimmers, giving you 12 ways of dimming, with a light on each way. In this case, patch 12 desk channels to give you control of your 12 dimmers.
    The manual will give you better info of the detail of patching than I can type here!

    Desk channels are listed under the manufacturer 'Generic'
  • corasmithcorasmith Registered User
    Simon! Thank you! I did not know where they were! Colin from High End also gave me good advice on how to do what I am after. This forum rocks for both noobs and pros. Thanks again!
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