2 X Blue DP8000s for sale

mikeyraymikeyray Registered User
Hi All
I have 2 Original Blue Dp8k's for sale prior to me they were in a rack in a theatre for all their life and in my ownership they have been in rack mounted and sat in a film studio , so never thrown in and out of a truck , hence they are in mint condition.
Looking for £2500 each ONO
will sell seperately
contact Mikey
mikeyraynz AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

selling my nano in another listing


  • mikeyraymikeyray Registered User
    Sorry thats a typo and it wont let me edit
    should be :
    £2000 each ONO
  • mikeyraymikeyray Registered User
  • c-reelc-reel Registered User
    I have a blue DP8000 also for sale : $2500 USD
    John at cee reel dot com
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