For Sale HES Nano Hog 4

As the title says am selling my High End Systems Nano Hog 4, the console is in excellent condition, no wears or scratches glitch or whatsoever,it comes with everything as pictured.

The Asking Price is $2100 including shipping

Willing to answer any question regarding the console, it sure needs a new home and i hope it finds one.



  • MaexMaex Registered User

    I am interessted, where are you located?
    Can you write me please an email on

    BR Markus
  • KasperovKasperov Registered User
    edited April 2018
    Attenton, this man is a deceiver!
    He has recieved money, and just lost, without sending his nano hog.

    His name Renata Lazar, located in NY, if someone have info about this man, pls write pm.
  • gambI23gambI23 Registered User
    I also wired money to him and now his no where to be found...Anyone with contact information?
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